Protective Equipment For Concrete Cutting On Construction Sites

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Cement and other heavy duty forms of construction has become commonplace in today’s modern society. In some places, it is nearly and everyday occurrence, seeing workers pouring concrete and creating sidewalks, streets and buildings with it, among other things. Most people do not think about what it takes to ensure the safety of those workers. There are actually quite a few pieces of protective equipment for concrete cutting that need to be used to keep those workers safe.

The eyes are one of the more sensitive parts of our body, as even a single speck of dust can make them water and become painful. Imagine all the dust and other dangerous debris at a construction site, and you will see why eye protection is a must. Safety glasses come in many colors and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, and that is to keeping flying pieces out of the eye to prevent injury.

Those same particles that can hurt the eyes can also hurt the lungs, which is why respirators are a much needed part of every cement worker’s equipment. There are many types of respirators, from paper dust masks to large masks that cover the entire face. These prevent the particles from getting into the lungs, where they can wreak havoc, causing coughing fits that can also affect your throat and esophagus.

The jackhammers and other heavy equipment that are often used in cement jobs are quite loud. Special earplugs reduce the noise, as well as full earphones that go over the head. Whether you have to use one or both depends upon the noise level at your site.

Debris is not always small. Sometimes it is big and heavy, and if it lands on your head, can cause severe injury or even death. That is why a hard hat is an absolute necessity. These should have a hard outer shell, and straps that suspend the hat just above the head. This creates a buffer zone to absorb impact, further protecting the head.

The clothing that workers on these sites use is picked with safety in mind, especially if the work is on or near a street. Reflective clothing is used in order to alert people in cats that there is someone there, especially for night road crews. This usually comes in the form of a bright vest that is a bright, often neon color.

Some crews also use reflective stickers on their regular clothing as an additional precaution. These are not unlike the reflectors on a bike that are used at night to alert motorists that a cyclist is on the side of the road.

The shoes a person wears is also important. Most crews require heavy duty boots with steel toes to protect the feet. Not only do they protect from falling pieces, but they are hightops, so provide support to the ankles as well.

It is important not only to have all this gear, but to maintain it. A hard hat is of no use if it is cracked or in otherwise ill repair. Maintain all your gear and you can have a long and safe career in the lucrative construction business.