Many Have Wondered Just What Is Diamond Drilling

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This is a well know statement but not many people know, what is diamond drilling? A specialized art form that has been perfected and practiced over a number of years.

In order to understand such drilling one needs to understand the different types of cuts that are available. There are ten different cuts available, each is valued at a different amount and each takes more time than the next. One style does not fit all when it comes to the cut and style of a special rock.

The first shape is the Round shape. This requires 10 tedious hours of full time drilling in order to get this perfectly symmetric shape. The driller requires a 5cmc drill bit fitted into a 2dmp drill. The angle of the drill is also very important, in this instance the angle is 35 degrees.

Princess and Pear cuts are the next two most popular cuts available. The driller needs prefect optical correction for these cuts as one single slip will destroy the entire rock and its ability to sparkle. These diamonds require a specially tipped drill but to obtain the best cut.

Asscher and Marquise are two of the oldest shapes, dating back to 1925 where Queen Victoria had both in the royal engagement ring. The jeweler who made the ring was said to have spent half of the jeweler’s life perfecting the cut of these two shapes. Once the Queen wore this shape, it quickly because the most popular design in all of the 19th century and many love the look even today.

For the more adventurous individual there is always the Heart, Oval or Emerald shape. This requires a 7cmc drill bit in a 5dmp drill. The amount of time spent on these varies from 4-6 hours, depending on the quality of the raw material. The popularity of these shapes has always been very low, but this might change in the coming century.

If the wearer wants to get the most out of the raw rock, it is recommended that the Cushion shape is used. This allows for the largest surface area and the most sparkle. The cutting process is the shortest as the least amount of raw stone is being removed. This is the cut that is most worn but modern day celebrities as it gives off the most boastful appearance but it’s as expensive as the Princess or Pear.

Last but not least is the Radiant cut, and this is true to its name. This cut gives off the most radiant and spectacular spectrum of color and light. The cutting process for this is very difficult and dangerous as there is a very high chance of the diamond cracking in half. Only the most talented and experienced cutters are able to achieve the perfect radiant cut.

Centuries have passed, techniques have been learned and forgotten, but some of the oldest and most treasured techniques are those of cutting diamonds. So the next time one asks about Diamond Drilling, the answer can be clearly provided.