How To Hire A Concrete Cutting In Yorkshire Service Provider

Concrete Cutting in Yorkshire by Hallmark Chasing

When you need to do any kind of construction that includes concrete, you definitely need to hire a professional. While you might be able to pour wet concrete and do a decent job, cutting through a layer of it that is already dried and hard is something else altogether. It requires a lot of big, expensive equipment and safety gear among other things. So if you need concrete cutting in Yorkshire done, you want to hire experienced professionals to handle the job.

Before hiring a company, look into their background to make sure they do have the aforementioned experience. Look for customer testimonials and reviews of their work to start. Then you want to research a little further to ensure they have any required licenses, and insurance to cover their work in case of an accident. This is a dangerous job, so you want to be sure both you and they are covered in case something goes wrong.

You can feel the company out a bit by making an appointment for an initial consultation. This is a meeting where they come out to the site where you need cutting done to survey it. They will likely take measurements and possibly pictures, and ask you in detail what you want done.

They may also ask about neighboring buildings and whether they are occupied or not. This is to assess what hours they can work, and whether they need to use special equipment or techniques to try and abate the noise level.

They also want to see the work environment and how stable it is, in case any extra work or equipment is needed, which will definitely affect the total cost. Once they decide they can do the job right, they can write out a cost estimate based on what they see.

Should you like the estimate and want to work with them, you can then enter into a legally binding contract, and agree on a schedule to get the work done. Make sure this schedule has specific start and end date. Then you just need to make sure the building or site is empty and clear so that they can move in their equipment on the appointed start day and begin working.

During the work process, there will be a lot of mess made. Concrete pieces and dust will pile up, leaving a big mess behind. The crew should clean this all up themselves, especially moving the heavier blocks, which would be impossible for you to dispose of yourself due to size and especially weight. Make sure it is in the contract that they have to leave the work site clean before the job is finished.

This includes any slurry that may have materialized. Slurry is water that was used to cool off the saw blades, which can become very hot due to the extreme friction and heat generated during the cutting process. This slurry is full of oil and other chemicals and can be dangerous. It has to be disposed of properly, so make sure that your contract stipulates that slurry and any other hazardous materials are disposed of properly.