Health And Safety When Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling Health and Safety - Hallmark Chasing

All contractors and drillers are expected to be fully licensed in the states they operate in. They must also comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to prevent illness and accidents among their workers. All workers have fundamental rights to work in a workplace that does not impair or imperil their health and safety when diamond drilling.

Safety is an important necessity in any site and all diamond drilling companies should be committed to providing their employees with a safe environment of work. All the workers at the site ought to be professionally trained to become NVQ Level 2 trained and CSCS certified. The training should be on a regular basis in order to maintain and improve their skills. Employers ought to have a tangible proof of their workers successful training like an achievement certificate.

Diamond drilling companies ought to adhere to strict guidelines meant to promote safety on the site and pave way for the continued development of habits that promote a safe working environment. Companies ought to have a comprehensive environmental and operations program in place. All the company employees should then understand and adhere to all these policies to curb and prevent any accidents.

A risk assessment and method statement ought to be undertaken for every job that the drilling company intends to undertake. The decibel levels of all machines should be monitored beforehand in order for proper precautions and equipment to protect workers to be availed prior to the work. All vibration timings and levels should be checked constantly in order to put all the prevention measures in place.

Being entangled with rotating or moving equipment can lead to serious injuries or in some instances death. Companies ought to invest in proper guarding that will protect their workers from rotating equipment. There are interlocks that are specially made to prevent any inadvertent contact with the rotating equipment. There are some emergency stop switches which could help save a life in case of an accident.

Prompt medical care increases the survival chances of any injured workers. A company ought to make adequate emergency medical plans to reduce the time that will be needed to treat an injured worker. A god measure would be the establishment of a great contact centre at the site or just nearby to help in facilitating the speedy communication with emergency medical services.

The Occupational Health and safety Act (OHSA) sets out specific duties that ought to be fulfilled by supervisors in a site for injuries and accidents prevention. The supervisors should at all time ensure that all the workers in the site wear and use protective clothing and devices while working and that all the procedures and measures of using the equipment are duly followed. Supervisors should also communicate to the workers on any actual or potential safety or health dangers they know and take precautionary measures to protect them.

There should be a plan for the proper control of chemical and biological chemical substances that are handled, stored, used, produced or disposed where appropriate or at the work place. Consulting the services of an environmental consultant would be appropriate for proper disposal of chemicals and other by products. This will ensure the safety of all the workers and persons near the site.