Health And Safety When Diamond Drilling

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All contractors and drillers are expected to be fully licensed in the states they operate in. They must also comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to prevent illness and accidents among their workers. All workers have fundamental rights to work in a workplace that does not impair or imperil their health and safety when diamond drilling. Safety … Read More

Protective Equipment For Concrete Cutting On Construction Sites

Concrete Cutting by Hallmark Chasing

Cement and other heavy duty forms of construction has become commonplace in today’s modern society. In some places, it is nearly and everyday occurrence, seeing workers pouring concrete and creating sidewalks, streets and buildings with it, among other things. Most people do not think about what it takes to ensure the safety of those workers. There are actually quite a … Read More

Many Have Wondered Just What Is Diamond Drilling

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This is a well know statement but not many people know, what is diamond drilling? A specialized art form that has been perfected and practiced over a number of years. In order to understand such drilling one needs to understand the different types of cuts that are available. There are ten different cuts available, … Read More

Benefits Of Industrial Concrete Cutting

In the mid of the nineteenth century, a dilapidated building was used to experiment the drilling machines to cut through its joints. Since then industrial concrete cutting has changed greatly due to improvement of technology. This has enabled engineers to come up with modern and efficient machines. People in the building industry take advantage of these modern sawing and drilling … Read More

Finding The Best Diamond Drilling Equipment Supplier

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Attempting to drill harder materials can be all but impossible for those who lack the right resources. Dealing with the right supplier makes it much easier to find quality diamond drilling equipment for less overall cost. Dealing with retailers and suppliers who fail to provide an expanded selection of inventory and those that charge higher prices may prove to be … Read More

Diamond Drilling In The UK Used In Construction


Originally diamond drilling was used in the mineral mining industry to extract a diameter core of rock from the ore body. Geologists used the core material to determine what minerals might be found in the surrounding area. The name is due to the fact that a diamond bit is used to drill. Modified versions of this process are now being … Read More



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Quality Concrete Cutting Services In Manchester


You may be thinking of altering how your building looks, or removing a concrete structure entity from a site. In that case, you would need to cut the concrete slabs at the point that you would like to change. Effective concrete cutting requires a number of factors done right in order to maintain the sturdiness and stability of the remaining … Read More